About the Challenge

The Coker Tire Challenge is a Time/Speed/Endurance Rally events, similar the Great Race. The event takes place annually in mid-September, hosted at the Coker Tire Company Headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Like the Great Race, teams compete using precise rally instructions, navigating back roads with a goal of arriving at a checkpoint exactly on time. The Challenge is a three day event and typically rallies through middle & east Tennessee, North Alabama and North Georgia.

Smaller regional rally events like the Coker Tire Challenge are an excellent introduction for teams who are considering competing in the Great Race. Where the Great Race is a full week, the long-weekend format of the Challenge makes it a good opportunity to work on rally skills for rookie and veteran teams alike. The competition, fellowship and scenery are what these events are all about. The Coker Tire Challenge wraps all of that into a great long-weekend package, each fall. Learn more about the Coker Tire Challenge.